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Tl’etinqox School prides itself on providing data driven and student focused instruction in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. As our school motto states, it is our objective to honour the Tsilhqot’in history, values, and language while preparing our students to lead productive, successful, happy, and enriched lives in any endeavour they may choose.

With a team of dedicated instructors and faculty members that are committed to excellence and mastery; the Tl’etinqox School team is equipped to support each student in achieving their goals. With experience in supporting students with general instruction, or through intervention or enrichment programs, our staff are committed to engaging each and every student individually and providing best practices that will ensure success. As the saying goes, “the writing is on the wall” and with that, our team collects student data on a regular basis in order to populate our data walls and drive conversation around instruction, support, and intervention so that each student is provided an opportunity to not only achieve their goals but to see them through and beyond.


Although instruction and best practice is an important aspect in the success we have seen as a school community, it is the relationship building that has provided the most success for our students and team. Building meaningful and lasting relationships with our students is at the forefront of our educational philosophy and the commitment to this will ensure each and every student has a voice and the opportunity for personal growth and academic success.


Tl’etinqox School is not simply a school located in a community but a thriving community in and of itself, located within, and an integral part of, a larger community and the Tsilhqot’in Nation. With this, our partnerships with Parents, Guardians, Families, Leadership, and the community at large, is paramount to our success and the success of our students. Tl’etinqox School staff are committed to ensuring community rights holders are involved in all aspects of the school and that communication is clear and consistent so we can continue to forge ahead as a cohesive unit.


Together we can intertwine culture and knowledge with new opportunities, to empower nexwedeni.





?abenanas/Dzinas Gu?en Guzun Everyone! I am originally from the beautiful Okanagan Valley where I was born and raised. I attended the University of British Columbia where I received by Bachelor of Arts Degree, with a Major in English and Minor in Human Geography, and my Bachelor of Education Degree in Secondary Teaching. Shortly after this, I joined the wonderful world of the First Nations Schools Association and have been teaching and undertaking School Administration ever since. During this time I also received my Masters of Education Degree, in Special Education, from Flinders University in Adelaide Australia. I moved to beautiful Tl'etinqox in the summer of 2018 and am excited to be a part of your community and to have the opportunity to work with an amazing team and even more amazing students!

Clayton Grice

Vice Principal

Vice Principal

       I'm originally from Manitoulin Island in Ontario, where I lived right up until I moved away for University. I did both my HBA and BEd degrees at Nipissing University. I moved out to B.C in 2011 where I have been working ever since. I started teaching in Tl'etinqox in 2018 and I have loved my time here. I am also an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Colin Cook

Staff and Faculty



Name Title Contact
Trudy Stump Head Start Coordinator tstump@tletinqoxschool.com
Lisa Pentland Kindergarten Teacher lpentland@tletinqoxschool.com
Wanda Dick Primary Teacher wandad@tletinqoxschool.com
Jennette Stump Primary Teacher jstump@tletinqoxschool.com
Melissa Rocha Primary Teacher mrocha@tletinqoxschool.com
Randy Grice Secondary Teacher rgrice@tletinqoxschool.com
Patsy Grinder Tsilhqot’in Language and Culture Teacher pgrinder@tletinqoxschool.com
Cecil Grinder Traditonal Knowledge Keeper info@tletinqoxschool.com
Ellen Sam Education Assistant info@tletinqoxschool.com
Tyrell Case Education Assistant info@tletinqoxschool.com
Wendy Dick Education and Speech Language Assistant wdick@tletinqoxschool.com
Sharyl Harry Receptionist  info@tletinqoxschool.com
Rosaline Harry School Cook rosalineh@tletinqoxschool.com
Cecile Alphonse  Custodian cecilea@tletinqoxschool.com
Christine Haller Education Assistant jhaller@tletinqoxschool.com
Jeffery Jim Groundskeeper/Maintenance info@tletinqoxschool.com
Larry Stump Bus Driver info@tletinqoxschool.com
Tina Stump Bus Driver info@tletinqoxschool.com
Colin Cook Vice Principal/I.T. & SEP Manager ccook@tletinqoxschool.com
Clayton Grice Principal info@tletinqoxschool.com
Tl'etinqox Advisory School Board

Tl'etinqox School Board

Paul Grinder, Board Member and TGO Councillor

Dale Hance, Board Member and TGO Councillor

Alana Bobby, Board Member and TGO Councillor

Tyron Harry, Board Member

Angelina Stump, Board Member

Kimberly Johnny, Board Member



Tl’etinqox ?esgul   ●   6909 School Road.    ●   Tl’etinqox, BC     ●   V0L1A0

Ph. 250.394.4293   ●   Fax. 250.394.4543   ●   Email: info@tletinqoxschool.com


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