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Tl'etinqox ?esgul is very excited to announce that the Aboriginal Head Start Program will be moving into our new Tl'etinqox Escaw Daycare building in fall of 2022! Tl'etinqox Escaw is located a short distance from Tl'etinqox ?esgul in front of the Datsan Chugh Building. 


Aboriginal Head Start programming provides children aged 3-5 with a pre-school structure designed to support language and culture learning and preparation for entrance into full-day kindergarten programming. Headstart runs daily from 8:30am-3:00pm Monday to Thursday. All parents are invited to join our programming and work side by side with the instructor and their children as they learn and grow.


Tl'etinqox Head Start is proud to provide daily snacks and lunch for all students in attendance. 


All students enrolling in Aboriginal Head Start must be potty trained and out of diapers or pull-ups in order to attend. Children not quite ready for this may attend with a parent or enrol in the 3-5 year daycare program also located within Tl'etinqox Escaw.






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