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General Education


General Education


Tl'etinqox ?esgul prides itself on our school culture and programming. As it says on our heading, we focus on a balance of honouring our past and preparing for our future. We begin this by offering each of our students 1.5 hours of Tsilhqot'in language and culture instruction each day, which includes additional land-based and traditional cultural activities throughout the year and the addition of Traditional Knowledge Keepers in the school and classrooms. 

As we build our traditional foundation, we incorporate programs that meet the British Columbia Ministry of Education and Child Care curriculum standards and learning outcomes, while also going through a regular certification process administered and assessed by the First Nations Schools Association. We push the future by including daily technology education and technical skill development through the use of our student issued iPads and MacBooks. Each student is provided with at least one device for all school work and trained on the proper use, which is also monitored daily by the school. Tl'etinqox ?esgul recognizes the importance of technology; however, we also understand the dangers students can be exposed to through the internet and, as such, we have security settings in place to monitor for appropriate content, usage, and to track student progress. The technology in our school is not just a "flashy gimmick" but an important tool that is used daily in the classroom and is critical for continuity and ongoing support for students who are required to be absent for extended periods of time due to medical appointments, family emergencies, and the impact COVID-19 has had on in-person instruction.

Digital and remote work is not only important for our ongoing COVID protocols but also for ongoing student learning and academic progress. 




Tl'etinqox ?esgul is proud to offer full time kindergarten for both 4 and 5 year olds attending our school. Our kindergarten program includes introductory literacy and math concepts, play based learning, social skill development, as well as Tsilhqot’in language and culture.  


Grades 1-9


Tl'etinqox ?esgul provides all students with core programming based on the Ministry of Education and Child Care curriculum outcomes. We also provide our students with whole school literacy and numeracy through the use of ability grouping to ensure mastery in these key content areas. Tl'etinqox ?esgul also uses regular progress monitoring, benchmarking, and intervention strategies to support students in achieving grade level in all courses. 


Grades 10-12  


Coming Soon We have recently passed our Ministry of Education assessment qualifying Tl’etinqox School to offer grades up to grade 12. You will soon be able to receive a full BC Grade 12 Dogwood Diploma from Tl’etinqox ?esgul without the need to move into the public school system or relocate from the community. 

We are excited to offer this program and appreciate your understanding and patience as we set up our high school programming. This is not a responsibility we take lightly as we want to ensure we take the time to properly develop our credit bearing courses to support all students in not only successfully achieving their high school diploma but in achieving their academic and employment goals beyond their time at Tl'etinqox ?esgul.


*UPDATE (January 2024) Our First Ever Grade 12 Graduation is on track for June 2025!

Tl'etinqox ?esgul is proud to announce Grade 11 programming during the 2023/2024 School Year for all students currently enrolled in senior classes. New admissions for Grade 10 will be open during the 2024/2025 school year.



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